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Evil Stig

I never knew about this film. I got into the Gits because of Kurt Cobain believe it or not. I was hanging out at the bus stop by the Daily Olympian newspaper and the old Olympia community center, which was by Kurt's place at the time I think. Or maybe he'd moved by then, I don't remember. But I saw him on the street and he filled me in on them. I fell in love with their shows. Back then everybody still went to live shows. Not uncommon to just walk into a place and hope a good band was playing. So I checked out the Gits and started going to all their shows. I Met Mia Zapata maybe 4 or 5 times at shows. Really cool, friendly, down to earth chick. Still makes me sad to think of how she was killed. Anyway I went to the fundraiser concert the Gits did with Joan Jett and I can spot myself in the crowd. This was at the RCKNDY and I was in my usual spot in that venue. Right up front center stage where a hole in the stage gave me a hand hold and people couldn't push me from up front. I was right in front of Joan Jett's mic. I can still remember her perfume.

Viva Zapata!

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