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The Other Side of Town
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Hi, I'm kl8n, and I'll be your moderator.

Tired of drama, insults, and flame wars? Then come to the other side of town. Here, anything remotely Seattle related goes.

Please read the following rules before joining or posting:

1. Treat each other with respect.

Criticism is fine. Being mean or hurtful just for the sport of it is not.

2. If it is happening, has happened, or will be happening in Seattle, it is on topic.

3. Pictures belong behind an lj-cut.
For the sake of our brothers and sisters still on dial-up, use the cut. Also, standards of what is or is not work-safe vary greatly from person to person and workplace to workplace. Let's not get anyone fired.

4. Please use your best judgment when posting.
If you wouldn't feel comfortable talking about something out loud in a public setting, don't post about it here.

5. No seattle bashing.
If you don't like it, that's your business, not ours.

6. Leave your posts open to comments.
This is a community after all. The point is to put forward ideas and see what ideas they inspire in others. If you disallow comments in your posts, you're defeating the purpose of a community.

If you have interests you feel should be added, email me and I'll add them, where appropriate.